Ability to change switch models in the excel add in


moment when you set up an spreadsheet reports pack via the excel add in you select a model to work from and are not able to change this.  I would like to be able to change the model you look up to without having to rebuild the reports pack.


We have a medium sized reports pack that works in the excel add in taking a lot of data from Anaplan and populating various spreadsheets that are used as reports on the model.  I have recently run a slightly different scenario by copying the live model and making some changes to my assumptions (the design of the model remains the same just some assumptions on things like when we start construction and how many sites we will buy next year).  however I am not able to provide the usual reports unless I rebuild the reports packs from scratch.  It would be much more efficient if I could just change the model that the 7 or so Anaplan reports look up to and refresh the workbook rather than have to spend a lot of time rebuilding this from scratch each time I run a new scenario.  I appreciate that this could cause issues if users are trying to switch the link to models which have different designs / dimensions but it would be useful for this kind of scenario modelling.

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