Ability to automate export of blueprint view for module through API/Anaplan Connect


It would be very useful to have the ability to automate the export of a blueprint view of a module through Anaplan Connect or the Anaplan API - in this way we could compare an export of a blueprint view of a module automatically, to check if the structure of a model had changed over time.


I have been working with a client where they will be utilising Anaplan Connect to upload files to a data hub and also export files out of a spoke model on a daily basis to feed a data warehouse - this requires a number of fixed mappings to be developed both in Anaplan and externally to map into the data warehouse.


There is currently no report available on an automatic basis that details changes to a specific set of modules, thus a failure of import either into Anaplan or externally would need to be investigated.






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  • Status changed to: Not Planned
  • Hi Callum,

    Well, I think this option is in Anaplan for a long time. If you set an export from "Modules" or "Line items", and tick the "Save Export Definition", you can then reach it through an API and execute as normal export. For me it works perfectly.

  • Hi @M.Kierepka ,


    You are absolutely right - If you go into the blueprint view of a module and export, you have the same ability to save that export and it will store as an action - many thanks for your contribution!


    I think my last point still stands, it would be useful to download a "structure changes by module" report alongside each export (the data is already available within Anaplan, it would just make it easier if stored in one place and automatable).

  • @CallumW,

    I have never had needs like that, but maybe you could set automated History export from the model. It would be useful only in developer models (unlocked), where you make changes to the structure manually. When you have an export file, you can filter changes using "Description" column, and automatically separate data changes (in DEV model there shouldn't be many of them) from structural changes. And if you only need that info for specific module or line item, you can filter by "Module/List" & "Line Item/Property" properties.

    I hope it helps for now, but I agree it would be good to have better, Anaplan-based way to do this.

  • Status changed to: Not Planned

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