NEW UX HOME PAGE - Set background and themes to suit organisation

Hi Anaplan,


I have just started using the new UX HOME screen and thought of some developments to make it more customisable.


The UX HOME screen could benefit from more customisation options to suit customer themes then being generic.

- Set the HOME screen theme colours of banners and icons / tiles

- Set the HOME screen background image to suit company theme / logos





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  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Hi @usman.zia - while we haven't got plans to add customisable backgrounds to the Home experience we are looking into offering more visual tailoring options in the future.

  • Example :  Add a company logo to UX.  Background of LOGO is WHITE.  Background of UX page is GREY.  I want the background of the UX page to match the background of the LOGO so I can turn OFF the "display card background" and have it look like a seemless page.


  • letting companies change the blue ribbon color and add their logo would be such an easy win for Anaplan, please put this back on the roadmap

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