Error during registering/ upload the certificate into the anaplan


We have procured the certificate from Sectigo and followed the step given in this link ( but while we are trying to upload the certificate into the anaplan (with only public certificate) we are getting an error like "email should not be blank[null]". After that we tried different combination to upload the Certificate into the anaplan like uploading only the root certificate part or intermediate certificate part, The root certificate is uploaded. But we are not able to upload the public certificate.


  • Hi  Vamshidhar,


    This error will happen when your Certificate Signing Request (CSR), used to obtain your certificate, does not have the e-mail field populated.


    After I obtained my certificate, the certificate (as shown below, when opened in Mozilla Firefox's Certificate Manager) will show E=<e-mail address>.




    Let me know if you have any questions.