Model ID to display in Imports tab


It would be good to see model ID as a column in Actions->imports tab somewhere near Source Label & Source Object.
I faced a specific issue when the model has a lot of imports, which were developed during a long period, and during this period, the source model was several times moved/renamed. Then it is nearly impossible to track what is the current source of imports right now.


Example of current set - up:


Action Source Object / Label Source Model Name extract
Import 1 Model ABC / View 1 Model ABC
Import 2 Model abc123 / View 2 Model abc123
Import 3 Model abc [prod] / View 3 Model abc [prod]


So, Originally source model was called Model ABC, then renamed to Model abc123 and finally to Model abc [prod].

Regardless to the Source Object name those actions are linked effectively to the same current model: Model abc [prod].

You could find this model mappings in settings menu: Source Models, but it is really hard to compare this information manually for each of the import action.


It is pretty common for many customers. Examples could be just native evolution of data hub.



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