Add formula drill down in NUX


Suggest to add formula drill down to NUX. When working with the NUX, there is no formula drill down option. This is a key feature for our users as they need to see how the numbers are being calculated when doing root cause analysis. At the same time, the specific values going into the formula should be shown as they are today in the old UX.


You can add link in the NUX to the underlying data/module but when working with e.g. formulas where offsets are applied or when dependent on large data input tables, it is a lot easier for the end user when not only the formula is shown but also the exact values applied. This is one of the current strengths in the old Anaplan UX compared to Excel and other competitive tools and makes it very easy for our users to dig into the data.

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  • Hi @hgrosen 


    I believe this is on the roadmap already as it is one of the key features and selling points of anaplan but not sure when we can expect it to be released?


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  • Indeed good suggestion,


    In general, the New User Interface should be aligned with all classic interface features in order to convince interactive and more advanced users to use NUX.




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