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Suggest to add the "Open Source module" ability to the NUX, incl. the current analysis options available in the old UX. Right now our users can use the open source module function in the old UX whenever they want to dig into the details, see all the underlying formulas/comments, and do ad hoc analysis. Especially, the compare function is quite important as this enables them to quickly do e.g. ad hoc comparison of cycle on cycle development without needing a dedicated comparison table/graph in the dashboard.


Comparison tables/graphs can of course be built in the dashboard, but some analyses are only needed on ad hoc basis. At the same time, having this ability as an end user also provides an interim solution until the model builder is ready to add a standard analysis element to the dashboard.

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  • Great points @hgrosen on Open Source Module ability. Added to them is the fact that the link actually shows the associated module's name, but it takes the user to just the associated model. It can be confusing to end-users. 

    To get to a module, users have to 

    a. copy the module name

    b. open associated model from link

    c. search for the module and open it

    It feels like a tedious effort for something that used to be so simple 

  • Definitely support this as well as the option to limit the functionality from a NUX card.

  • Another vote for this functionality.

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