Ability to select a specific Page for entire Workbook when many Excel Add-in Data Pulls are Used


It would be great if we could set an overall workbook time period that would allow us to set the time period we or any "Page" selection for workbooks with multiple Anaplan Excel Add-in pulls. 

We would also still need the ability to change individual worksheet/tabs data pulls.


For example, we may have a workbook where 90% of the pages needs to pull October 2019 Data and the remaining 10% we want to pull the Full Year view.

Currently, each month we must MANULLY change the 90% of pages each month and then refresh. Sometimes a refresh is missed by and causes errors in our reporting.


Another option could be to allow the page selections to be keyed off a specific cell. We could input the time period we want in a cell and have the add-in look for the time period in that cell. For example, Time = 'Base Sheet'!B2

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