Calculation on top level selection in line item subsets and list item subsets


Hi Anaplan Community, 


Currently it is not possible to use a summary top level of a list subset or line item subset in a calculation without using a workaround using a boolean and using the complete list or line item list.


If anaplan had the capability to allow modellers to use the top level in a line item subset or list item subset this would make it easier to calculate and aggregate on a selection of all relevant items to the subset list or line item subset.


This would prove very usefully where you have large lists but need to calculate the summary of a top level of the subset. 


Hopefully we can incorporate this in the platform. 





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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • The summary of the top-level for a subset list can be achieved using a line-item with "Applies To" setup as the Sub-set list. Automatically the Top level will store the summary of the sub-set list. 


    Is this what you want to achieve or am I missing something? 


    In the below picture the line-item "Vol Subset" has "Applies To" the subset of the list and the formula  "Vol Subset" = "Volumes".





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