VARIANCE command


When we define an item we can set the number Format to Numeric and tag if an "Increase in Value" is Good/Bad/Neutral.
Why do we not have a VARIANCE function to utilise that increase in value indicator?
So if we have three different Versions ("Actual", "Budget" and "Actual vs Budget" and 1 item called "Sales" (with an Increase in value being Good) and 1 item called "Costs" (with an Increase in value being Bad"). We could then have a VARIANCE statement against the Formula for version "Actual vs Budget" where the formula would be VARIANCE(Budget, Actual) which utilises the "Increase in Value" indicator to process whether a variance is favourable or unfavourable.

e.g. 1 Budget Sales = 100k, Actual Sales = 110k and "Actual vs Budget" would show 10k [favourable variance]
e.g. 2 Budget Costs = 10k, Actual Costs = 15k   and  "Actual vs Budget" would show -5k [unfavourable variance]

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