DCA, Filtering and Export Referencing


Few things make me happier than tidying up a model.  It's good to delete out redundant content to remove clutter and reduce model size.  


The first place to look when doing this is list, module and line item 'references'.  If it's used by another module or on a dashboard then you know it's in use.


However, there are scenarios where a list/module/line item, may appear to be unreferenced, but does actually have a use.  Currently I can think of 


1) DCA

2) Filtering

3) Exports

4) Import Source for another list/module in the same model

4) Import Source for a list/module in a different model

5) New UX pages


It would be great to have some way to have visibility on these within a module.  At the least, 1-4 could be more possible as it's all within the same model.


Massive request to help us manage model complexity and size.

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  • Great idea @adam_bimson_5 


    As all anaplan models continue to grow we need to have the right tools manage platform scability and be able to pick up any model and completely understand the purpose of all design elements. Having an understanding of what line items drive particular filters and other items would really benefit all model builders. This is the right step forward also in having the model documentation within the model. 


    I hope to see this development soon! 





  • Yes, definitely.  And can we also add Excel/Powerpoint add-ins to the list (and Google Sheets when it's in GA).

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Great idea indeed.

    I think there were already some separate ideas asking to improve the "reference to" but I think you summarized all the "missing" parts that would be nice to be added. 🙂


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