How old code Anaplan can restore from the back-up? like 6 month / 8 months

We have a scenario to compare the code deployed 6 months back with the current codebase. How old code Anaplan can restore from their back-up?




  • Hi,


    First of all, may i ask what you're trying to achieve?


    I'm assuming the following:

    1. You have ALM deployed in your Anaplan environment.

    2. The CODE you want to restore belongs to a Production List, i.e. not a structural list.

    3. The model you want to restore is a Deployed model.

    4. You have done Compare & Sync at least once in the last 6 months.


    If the above is true, then you cannot restore the model to a state before 6 months ago, because Anaplan prevents you from doing so. See screen shot below:

    Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 06.14.04.png


    Note that the only way to override this is by changing the model to Standard Mode, but this is a very very bad and unadvisable move. You will see the following warning in

    Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 06.19.15.png

    If you don't have ALM deployed in your Anaplan environment, then you can restore the model to a state before 6 months ago, but i would advise you to:

    1. Communicate to your users that the model will be offline for X amount of time

    2. Set model to offline

    3. Restore model to a previous state

    4. Perform an export of the list

    5. Restore model to current state

    6. Set model to online

    7. Communicate to your users that the model is online


    The last comment i have is that CODE isn't supposed to change often, if not at all. You might want to discuss with your Solution Architect/ Data Architect about this.




  • Hello @maniaravindan ,


    I assume you are talking about the "Anaplan" codebase. You only get acces to "experience" latest codebase and in no way that you could get access to a older version of Anaplan (ie Anaplan without the updates of last x months).


    This may be possible only with "On Premise" softwares and all the cloud based applications operate on latest codebase for all customers.




  • Hi @maniaravindan 


    In terms of comparing code / formulas:


    It really depends on whether a revision tag was created 6 months ago and I'm assuming it was. 

    When you run an ALM sync a report is produced of what has changed and this must be downloaded at the time of sync. 


    If this is the case you can follow @LipChean_Soh steps to get this report. 


    But I would raise this with your solution architect.






  • @maniaravindan 


    If this is about comparing codes between two periods I have a different thought process on this.


    If ALM was Implemented - Any code would have been pushed from Dev to Prod. We can restore the Dev model to the whatever ID in the past. Export the code from Older Dev model


    Bring the Dev model back to the latest ID again and compare the codes.


    Along the process we won't even break the compatibility.




  • Hi @Misbah 


    A few comments on your suggestion below:


    "If ALM was Implemented - Any code would have been pushed from Dev to Prod. We can restore the Dev model to the whatever ID in the past. Export the code from Older Dev model"


    1. Any code would have been pushed from Dev to Prod - Only Codes of Structural List (i.e. list where the Production Data is NOT ticked) are pushed from Dev to Prod. Codes of Production List are either:

    a. Sent from another model, eg Data Hub,

    b. Manually created in Deployed Model,

    c. Imported from a flat file into the Deployed Model.


    2. whatever ID in the past - We must be careful when we restore Dev to the past. If you restore Dev to a point BEFORE any List is converted to Production list (eg Employee), then you're essentially changing that list back to a Structural List. What that means is that when you then do a Compare & Sync, your deployed model will be synced with Dummy members for Employee. That means all transaction data related to Employee in your deployed model is now gone. So please be careful about restoring too far back into the past. See image below from

    Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 10.31.27.png




  • @LipChean_Soh 


    I was not talking about any hotfix. Whatever I said was wrt Dev model and none of the historical restores will have to be synced to Prod. It's as good as saying comparing 6 months old Dev model with latest Dev Model without pushing anything to Prod. No hotfixes to Prod at all.


    Correct me if I am wrong

    We can restore our Latest Dev model  to 6 months old Dev model and then bring it back immediately without creating any RT in the process. This is tried and tested and it works. Please correct me if you feel that I am missing anything here. Would like to hear your thoughts on this


    By the way thanks for the detailed write up.


  • Hi @Misbah 


    I think we're probably talking about different things, i.e. you're talking about model setup such as formulas, modules, dashboards while i'm talking about the CODE of lists.


    If you're talking about model setup, then i do agree with you that we can restore DEV model to any point in time in the past, and export any information out into Excel for analysis, then restore DEV model to the present, then do any Compare & Sync.


    Out of curiosity, what is RT?




  • @LipChean_Soh 


    Revision Tag 🙂


    Yeah you got it! I was talking about the model setup