Choose column separator in Exports


When we export modules containing text-formatted line items and we choose csv or txt format, the column separator is automatically forced on 'comma'. If the text within the line item contains any comma in its body, it will shift the following columns and damage the whole file. 


It would be great to be able to choose the column separator when we select csv or txt in the export setup. 

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  • This would be a massive help for europeans dealing with the rest of the world and us dealing with the europeans.

    The decimal/thousands separators should also be allowed to be set manually

  • Hi is there a solution to this? 

  • Not that I'm aware of

  • I think it's an issue that has to be solved, we're facing the same problem

  • This would be a huge help at my current client who is requesting to have tab delimited exports.  Using the tabular single or tabular multi column formats does not produce a tab delimited output.  

  • I agree with the previous comments. This would be a huge help. 

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