Add 'module' column to master line item view


There is currently no 'module' column in the master line item view. We use this view to search for specific references in the model when changes are needed. However, if there are a large amount of line items and modules it can be difficult to easily track down everywhere the change needs to be made.

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  • I agree! This can be very cumbersome and the workaround can take a long time! PLEASE IMPLEMENT!

  • This is such a simple but GREAT idea. Why didn't I think of this?? Great suggestion, @rachel_goering !

  • Just had to do this today for a 4,000 Line Item model, having it in the exports already would be a HUGE relief.

  • YES! @DavidEdwards 

  • Great suggestion indeed.


    I would have just needed this feature yesterday when I was trying to find the line-items into an exported general view based on a filter...and I needed to identify from which module the line-items were coming. 

  • Agreed - this is time consuming, but in the meantime, this is the process I use, using an old Excel trick in learnt!!

    • Export the line items to Excel
    • It is unlikely that Column J is used so it is a good one to use, otherwise use another appropriate column that follows the same pattern of nothing for headerPicture 1.png


    • Filter on blanks
    • Click on J2 and enter the formula =a2 and copy this down to the rest of the header linesPicture 2.png


      Picture 3.png
      • Remove the filter
      • Now highlight from J2 down to the last row in the blueprint
      • From the “Goto” menu option (usually <F5>), choose Special and then Constants

    Picture 4.png


    Picture 5.png

    • This should select all of the “detail” line items

    Picture 6.png

    • Without clicking anywhere else, type =J2 and then CTRL+Enter, or CMD+Enter
    • This will enter the return the module name against each line item
    • Voila!

    Picture 7.png

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  • @DavidSmith  thanks for this nice workaround!

  • Hi Team,


    It would be really great if this functionality comes handy as we are working with rebuilding the model considering all the best practices. we are facing difficulty in identifying the module name by line items.


    We want to search the particular line item from the module menu and need to know which module it belongs to.

    Currently, it holds all the other information like reference, cell count, data tags, etc. 


    We are searching the line item as per the below screenshot and we don't know which module it belongs to.





    Any methods or adding this information tab would be really great.





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  • The same can be achieved also using 2 columns

    column K: just copy the module name from the column filtering only the modules like @DavidSmith indicated

    Column L: 

               - in cell L2: fomula  = K2

               - in cell L3: formula: =IF(K3="",L2,K3)

               - Drag the L3 formula on all the rows


    This way in the column L you will have on all rows the correct module name. 



  • @sandeep_bk 

    take a look also at this idea:


    There is a workaround to export into an Excel all the line items and in Excel you can create the column with the Model name. 



  • Thanks @alexpavel 


    It helped.

  • @Miran  - could we please merge this request with the idea highlighted above?





  • Hi @CallumW


    The ideas have been merged.

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  • Hi @rachel_goering ,


    Great idea! It would be very useful. I can also share my current workaround for this, "oneliner" in Excel (paste in Y2 and double click the bottom-right corner of the cell):


    I'm using D column (s "Is Summary"), as for line items is either FALSE or TRUE, but for modules it's blank.


    Maybe it should be in separate Idea, but it would be also helpful to see size of single modules/line items - for optimization works overview, as cell count can be misleading. Again, I'm posting my formula to determine single line items size (paste to cell in 2nd row in any column after V and double click the bottom-right corner of the cell):



    V column is Cell Count, E is Format, D is used to determine if it's line item or module, as in previous case (module size is calculated as 0 here)

    The "/POWER(1024,3)" part is used to convert size to GBs, omit it if you want just bytes, change "3" to "2" for MBs.


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  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • This was released this weekend


  • Agreed, this will save time from having to open the module to add the line item, then open another to link and compare. 

  • Status changed to: Delivered

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