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I am requesting the ability to control if a user can copy/paste into a list formatted line item cell with selective access enabled.

Currently, model builders can restrict a list formatted line item drop-down to only show list members for which a user has selective access. However, this restriction is easily violated by copy and pasting any list member name/code (from an Excel spreadsheet for example) into Anaplan to override the selective access restriction.

This issue undermines Anaplan's security features and likely causes model builders to change their model designs.

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  • Thanks for this idea, which we are evaluating. The ability to Filter picklists was originally implemented as a usability aid, to prevent users having to search from many List items that may not be relevant to them. As long as you apply either Selective Access or Dynamic Cell Access to Lists/Line Items for data that needs securing, then no cell data should be revealed inappropriately. 

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  • Hi @stephen.brook ,

    What I was going for on this point is specifically when users need to enter a value into a cell. When that cell is formatted as a list (which has selective access), the user is restricted to see their provisioned access only when they manually use the drop-down. However, a user can override this restriction by copying and pasting a code or list member (from Excel, for example) into the cell with restricted access. Please see my screenshots below for clarity:


    List Access.jpg




    Copy and Paste.jpg

    Hopefully this clears up my idea for enhancement, as I believe this is a dangerous gap in security coverage that hinders design efforts in Anaplan.



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