Bulk Data Change Details in History Log


As a model builder and administrator, it would be a huge improvement if the history log could provide details into Bulk Data Changes. Our company utilizes user imports, and it is very difficult to track down changes when everything is grouped into one line of history. One option is to run history on individual cells of data, but this is a cumbersome solution when the need is to investigate larger volumes of data:


This update has the potential to drastically increase the size of history exports, so it would also be beneficial to combine this update with some of the other Idea Exchange requests for additional filtering features on history exports to avoid excessively large .txt file exports. Other filtering ideas

This will greatly benefit our ability to assist our users with audit requests when information unexpectedly changes.

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  • This combined with some other option to filter the history log would be really helpful. 


  • Status changed to: In Review
  • This issue also occurs when changes are synced from the excel add in. We have multiple users making changes to values using the add in and can not trace which change was done by which user.

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