Synchronize filters across tables in Excel add-in


Add ability to synchronize filters across tables in Excel add-in.


Working with the Excel add-in and extracting data from different modules, some of the filters across the different extracts overlap. A good example hereof is forecast cycle or specific versions. Currently, we have to change the forecast cycle in each sheet in order to get the latest and synchronized data out. Would be easier if we could select "global filters" for an Excel workbook with multiple Anaplan modules - similar to what you have in e.g. SAP Analysis for MS Office.

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  • I would also support this request and was about to request the same. We use the Excel addin to populate a set of reports showing various breakdowns for a given month across several worksheets. It works really well but it does require the end user to go into each worksheet and update the time period setting, which for a large report pack, can take longer than you might think. The ability to synchronise filters across the connections in a given excel workbook would be extremely useful addition. 

  • atoh

    I would also support a "Global Filter".

    We currently have monthly reports that we use but have to go to each individual worksheet to change the month we are reporting on.

    Like Iain indicated, if there are 20-30 worksheets, that would be repeating the process 20-30 times. Quite an inefficient process really!

    A typical use of a workbook would be a summary page where you can change the parameters, whether it be date, entity/reporting unit or some other dimension and a refresh will update all worksheets with the changed parameter.

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