Date formatted columns taking more inputs correctly


When you copy+paste a table into excel, excel's default behavior for "Date" formatted or similarly formatted information changes the data slightly to a "MMM-YY" format from a "MMM YY" format and you are unable to paste back into the model/load as a basic default using upload.

Current Solution:
1) Manually re-enter data changes for dates on the Anaplan platform
2) Use Upload and format Time as MMM?YY
3) Change Excel's formatting for the cell to text and re-paste into excel (doesn't always work)

Ideal Solution:
Pasting information into a Date formatted Line Item is better able to identify differently formatted text information based off of regions and defaults in different spreadsheet applications. Specifically Anaplan is able to identify a date column that is formatted with MMM-YY the same as during the import function.

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