Sort User List / Group Users by Model Role


Would be great to have the option to sort the User List in Anaplan.  We have multiple models in the same workspace, and therefore, each model has a long list of users who aren't relevant - they are assigned the "No Access" role designation.


Would be great to be able to visually manage this in Anaplan, rather than have to rely on exports and imports, which in my experience, has been inconsistent when trying to update hierarchy level access.




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  • Would love to see a sort capability within the User panel as well as in all Lists.  The user panel is particularly irksome as you cannot reorder or group users at all so lots of one by one searching.  This would make our routine maintenance task much easier.


    Thanks for proposing @matthewkuo!

  • Yeah, thanks Tiffany.  I searched for this initially before posting and didn't find anything.  After posting, it showed a couple other folks asking for the same thing.  Hopefully this will get some traction.  😉

  • Indeed nice idea @matthewkuo ! I would add also the possibility for filtering... 🙂


    It is quite frustrating that for sorting and filtering the Users, you need to export all the users in Excel. 

  • Agree - IMO all lists and options available in the settings menu need improved filtering, searching and reordering, all of which I believe is on @DavidSmith 's list of things to review soon.

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  • Yes, this would be great. Customizable sort+filter would be best, but at the minimum, it would help to group Workspace Administrators at the top of the list and No Access users at the bottom.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Hello Everyone,


    I just want to relaunch this point.


    We really need to sort users list or group by Roles.


    Please, someone can explain to us why it is complicate to sort the users list ?

    Thanks a lot !

  • jimfeng5

    It's 2024 and I am still waiting for that "someone" to explain why it is complicated to sort the users list.

  • Yes, users management is in dire need of something up to the standards for enterprise level usage.

    What used to work for a couple / tens of users with the one or 2/3 odd models becomes completely unmanageable at scale

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