Enter Saved View on Saved View Creation/Save


When creating saved views, it would be great if Anaplan enters the saved view immediately after creation.

Currently, anaplan returns to the default view of the module. This can be a bit annoying if you need to make a quick change to the view, such as adding a filter or showing/hiding columns.

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  • @Nicolas Cadier 

    Are you speaking about the classic UX or the new UX?

    In the classic UX you just make the change, as the views are dislinked from the views. 

    Also, with the exceptions of filtered views OR views that you want to gain new attributes as added, always select all of your columns when you are done finalizing and "Show" or "Show Selected". The reason is that Anaplan defaults for all line items to be show, unless the view is set up to only show the selected line items.


    In the new UX, I can see the usability and benefit, when you are moved from the new UX to the saved view that your dashboard is built off of.

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  • Indeed.. it would be very useful... 


    there is already a proposed idea about this:





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