Open the saved view if you save a view

Open the saved view if you save a view

When creating a saved view, it will not open by default, but you need to open the saved view in order to finetune it.


It will benefit the model builders, because now a lot of times you create a saved view and you need to remember to open it again before making more changes to the view and continue saving. A lot of times you will be saving the default view by accident instead of the saved view...

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I've accidentally overwrote the default a number of times due to this setup. I agree once a new view is saved the module should display it instead and allow you to keep working in the new saved view.

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That would be indeed very helpful.

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Would love to have this default!

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I will second that! Opening the Saved View by default when you just clicked Save seems more logical when compared to Excel, Word, etc.