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Description: Much like this example, Anaplan formats in odd and weird ways when moving into Excel. Numbers being copied pasted into excel should retain a numbered format instead of scientific notation when pasted into Excel.


Example of Enhancement: Values copied from Anaplan have a format attached to the value in the cell, as either Number or Text (date doesn't translate well between Anaplan and Excel either! MMM-YY doesn't copy back and forth)

Benefit / Impact: Instead of having to translate all of your dates fields into Text when copy pasting, manually re-entering dates, having translated values (numbers that move to a text formatted cell type in excel) doesn't cause scientific notation to be kept for larger values. This is evident of a broader issue with regards to translating values between Anaplan and other platforms that should be resolved.

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  • @obriegr 

    Yes! Date formatting would be the best. 

    Very, very challenging to work with the month format between Excel and Anaplan.

    Part of the problem though in my opinion is on Excel's side though. When I type in MAY-20, Excel will get confused and think I want May 1, 2020. When I convert to CSV I have to make sure Excel thinks that's text.

    Good suggestion.

  • MagaliP

    If you use the Excel add-in, the format of the data in Excel matches exactly the format in Anaplan.
    In addition, you can refresh in one click as opposed to doing copy/paste.

  • @MagaliP my businesses security configuration previously did not allow for the excel add-in to function correctly. With the new proxy configuration, it is possible, but I will need to work with IT to explore our specific methodology.

  • Thanks for sharing your update, let me know how this goes!

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