Model Status based on Versions


During our planning process we export data from Anaplan and upload to HFM twice daily. While running those exports we change the Roles->Versions to 'Read' so that no changes are made during that 10-15 minute window of time. Yes, we'd like better integration automation, etc but just not there yet.



  • Is there a way to create a status (red/green) based on if the version is Read vs. Write?

I suppose I could have a single boolean that is checked when everything is flipped to Read and then have conditional formatting to have a red vs. green cell on a dashboard.


Or is there a way to have a custom red/green circle update?






  • @adpinto ,


    No, not from setting the Versions to Read Only, but you can definitely do it from a DCA (Dynamic Cell Access) standpoint.  In fact, this would be better because you are only "locking" the data you need to export, not the entire model from a version standpoint.


    Hope this helps,



  • @rob_marshall


    the data being exported wouldn't change under that approach even if an end-user changes it from their respective input dashboards? Therefore the model would have a different number say for Revenue in the planning module vs. Revenue for export?

  • @adpinto ,


    I see what you are saying.  DCA can be set to read only, where you can obviously block the inputs by people.  You would need to know where the summary data is coming from (module wise) and lock it there.  Also, if the data is being changed by an import via an integrations user, then you would/could have issues.  With that said, we have implemented this DCA option for exporting data to make sure nothing is changed from users during the "blackout" period.  In fact, I believe there is an example of this on the DCA video David Smith did on the DCA model in App Hub.