Have a timestamp on when an action or process was last ran


It would be great to have Anaplan built in functionality to tell a user when an action or process was last ran.  This would be extremely helpful in identifing forecast locking, data loads, etc.

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  • Use Case : Data Hub


    I am currently building a Data Hub to be used by other builders downstream.  Ideally i would have a date flag against hierarchies to show when last updated so the builders know if now safe to load into their models.  To overcome the limitation for now the source system was able to provide an extract date as an additional column to the child/parent file. I am using this as a property on the Cost Centre List to mark when last loaded.  Clearly the same date will be on all cost centres.  A useful hack for now.




  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • @DavidSmith that's great news! 

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • @dafinkapancheva I see this when I go to settings-->actions.  I haven't played around with this yet, but is there a way to get this to populate in a module?  End users may want to see this.  I know you could do an export --> import via an integration tool.  How about a formula? 

  • @KBeltz ,


    I tested this new feature this morning and had exactly the same thought. It feels that what's been delivered is more of an MVP so I submitted this idea, which is what I think you are asking for :



    I added another request to it as I feel the "Last executed by" information would be helpful as well.

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