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Seems that it is not possible to define which app is accessible or not for each user. Right now every user sees all apps even if data is not defined readable.


It will be great if we could define if :

  • For each app if the user can view it or not
  • For each board and/or worksheet in a viewable app if the user can view it or not
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  • Indeed would be nice to be able to restrict the access of a user to an app. this could be useful to restrict access to some apps that put together more models and maybe not all the users are interested in these apps. 


    For pages ( board or worksheets) it is already possible to restrict access based on the user roles ( similar to the Content of the classic dashboards). 

    In design mode: in "Page Options"-> "Restrict Access" you can choose which roles have access to a page (board or worksheet). 




  • I agree! Find it really important.


    I have many Roles in the model e.g. Sales Team, Procurement Team, Finance Team, Cost Center Managers.

    Now, first of all, it is a **** to restrict access in UX, even though User does not have access to any module published on a page, they still do see this Page, and empty cards. So you need to go to Page by Page and restrict access for Role as explained by @alexpavel. However, it is very time consuming task with multiple Pages.


    Then, if multiple Apps are created for each Role, it is also not possible to restricts which Apps are seen by which User as per this Idea.

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