Full deletion of historic users in Tenant Admin


Hi, currently within Tenant Admin, this shows all the users who have ever had access to your Workspaces. You can disable them on Tenant, and delete their licence within the main Anaplan platform for your Workspaces, but you can't currently fully delete these users on Tenant (as far as I'm aware!)


I would like the ability to fully delete users from the Tenant Users list, either as a specific action within Tenant, or by default when a user has been fully deleted from the main Anaplan Platform. This would reduce our lists of users who left the company 6 + years ago, and would reduce scrolling through lists.


Thanks, Andrew.

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  • @AndrewClark 

    I think you're in good company with this request. I just typed "ability to delete users" in the idea exchange and at least 10 similar suggestions were made. Hopefully, these can all be consolidated.

  • @JaredDolich I bet in a previous existence I did one of those requests!

    @AndrewClark +5 for the idea!

  • +1 from me. It will be so useful for maintenance, especially in older Tenants.

  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • Absolutely.  My organization has been told that that we are in violation of our license agreement because of the former employees / users that exist within archived versions of the models. 


    We actively manage the users in the LIVE models (and have a separate security model for managing user status), but still, we periodically have to go through each of our workspaces to manually cull former employees from the workspaces.  It's a huge hassle. 


    The fact that the tenant administration even looks into archived models to identify users is a massive hole.  It's improper to have users from archived models in the list at all. 

  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • I wholeheartedly support this request! 

  • Users can be disabled in the central tenant administration area, but if these users start using Anaplan again then it would be better to create them from scratch as it is often unclear why this "new" users cannot log on. It would work better to delete users completely.

  • This is so fundamental and would be helpful to get a true list of Anaplan users within the workspace(s). Any update regarding the progress would be appreciated.

  • +1 also for me

  • + 1 . According to the first message on this thread, it's been on roadmap since Feb 2020. Has there been any progress made in last 4 years?

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