'List Item' Scope on Formulae


Would it be possible to implement a 'List Item' scope similar to Version Scope against line item formulae within Anaplan.

My thinking here would be to allow some list items to be driven by inputs, and other list items to be driven by a formula.

This would be a huge enhancement, but in than vein I am unsure as to how feasible this would be.

If implemented, this could seriously reduce module count, save modelling time, and improve end-user ease of use.

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  • @Nicolas Cadier 

    Sounds really intriguing, but I'm having trouble envisioning this. Can you provide a simple example of what/how this would work?

  • @JaredDolich 

    Sure, I can expand on this.

    I've created a very basic module, dimensioned by TimeOrganisation and Reporting Currencies. This module has three line items:

    • Revenue
    • Costs
    • Profit (Revenue + Costs)

    Here is a snipping of the module blueprint.

    Module Blueprint.png


    Let's say that Reporting Currencies has three list items:

    1. Local
    2. USD
    3. GBP

    As a model builder, you may want end users to input data to Local, and have Anaplan translate those values to GBP and USD.

    In other words: Local is an inputGBP and USD are calculations.

    Currently, model builders can set Version Scope. This allows model builders to designate versions as either input or calculation. Here is the snipping where model builders can set this:

    Formula Scope.png

    So, returning to the problem here: allowing end users to enter values against Local and have USD and GBP as calculated items.

    My idea suggests that there could be another two columns in the blueprint view, one for say List Scope. Model builders could select a list to apply the formulae to. The second column could be List Item Scope, this is where model builders could designate which list items a formulae is applied to. There are a number of ways that this could look, one example could be a check box against each list item. Another example is that this could be set in the list itself as per the below screenshot:


    In this example, USD and GBP are checked, indicating that formulae should apply to these list items if List Scope is set to Reporting CurrenciesLocal is not checked, indicating that formulae would not apply to this list item.

    Items to note in my examples:

    • I haven't provided a formula for Revenue or Costs. If the above was possible, this would contain the currency translation formula (and only be applied to the selected list items (USD and GBP)).
    • Only one list would be selectable in List Scope. For two reasons:
      • I think one list would be complex enough already.
      • I haven't considered what the UI would look like!
    • Ideally having a list in List Scope would not cause it to become a Structural List for ALM purposes.

    Here you can see the benefits easily. If the above were possible, one module could contain the input and calculations. End users could see in real time their inputs and the currency translation.

    I hope that helps?

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