Excel Add In User Security Read/Write


Hi, does anyone know if User Read/Write definitions from an Anaplan Model translate to Excel Add In?


If a user only has read access to an input module, that user then creates a connection to that input module with the Excel Add In, if they chose to create a read/write connection, would they have only read access, or would they have write access as well?


Is the follow statement true: User who only has read access to a module, should in no way have the ability to write back to Anaplan using the Excel add in.


Any info on user security with the Excel Add In would be helpful. I referenced Anapedia, but wasn't able to find anything that could answer my questions.

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  • Misbah
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    Excel add in does respect the read/write security access on the modules - meaning even if the user creates read/write connection he can not send any data back to anaplan. This has been discussed in detail in below post




    Hope this helps


  • MagaliP
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    To confirm: all the security settings in the add-in are based on Anaplan settings (model role, selective access, dynamic cell access) at the moment.


    Even if you create a read/write connection in the add-in, cells will not be editable if they are not in Anaplan. The same thing applies if you create such a connection (and you have write access) and then send the file to a colleague who has read-only access, they will not be able to send data back into Anaplan.


    I hope this helps.