Support of basic excel functions like RAND, RANDBETWEEN, RANDARRAY


It would be nice to have these Random number generating functions.

These functions revery useful to generate some test and demo data, rather than inputting numbers and copy forward or importing from an excel.


Can all be used for other purposes that I can not think of now.

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  • Hi,

    It would also be good to add an optional argument in which you can provide your own seed. This would ensure RNG repeatability.

    But overall, I think there would be a problem with providing such features in Anaplan. The question is, when will the numbers be generated? In Excel, it's up to you when to calculate formulas (Formulas->Calculation Options). But you don't have these settings in Anaplan. So, I think the only way is to generate pseudo-random numbers whenever ANY data cell is changed or the model is opened (which would be catastrophic for the model's performance).
    So for me it makes sense to generate it in Excel and import to Anaplan (when you save the CSV file with numbers, you will always get the same result, so it will be repeatable).

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