Creating New Model with No Access to others by Default


When a new model is created why does Anaplan provide access to other users within that workspace by default. It would be great if this gets restricted to the user who creates the model and then users can be added incrementally.


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  • As someone who shares a workspace, the first thing I did when I imported the fresh model for the new Level 3 Training was to take away everyone else's access via copy-paste!

  • @EarlC  That’s what we do. Hence the idea. Wouldn’t it be better to add users than to take their access. For security purpose also it is better

  • Miran
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  • On fire as always @Misbah . Or if that's not possible just those in that workspace, particularly important for production models where separation of duties might be in place.

  • u06gr8

    What do you think about also keeping the tenant admins or even just the tenant auditor in there too as full access? It at least gives you >1 person(s) with access to each model.

  • Hi @Misbah,
    Good idea, but you've already proposed that:

    Idea Exchange guidelines say that you should check if another similar idea hasn't been posted yet, and definitely you shouldn't create second post with the same topic.

  • Misbah



    Nice call out. Apologies! that was not intentional. I usually note down my ideas and strike it out once i put it on community but this one has been missed to be striked out. @Miran  Can you please merge these two ideas.

  • Miran

    Hi @Misbah, the ideas have been merged.



  • Today, any non-Workspace admin receives "No Access" when a new model is created in a workspace that the user is a part of. Workspace admins receive access because they are admins within that workspace. As admins, we default their ability to have access to everything within that workspace and are not looking to change that at this time.

  • This is strange as when i recently imported a model into a workspace, my wsa didnt show up with full access.

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