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Anyone who has imported on a combination of properties into a list will understand the frustrations that can arise.


For me there are two specific frustrations that i can think of a simple solution to.


The problems:

1. Importing into a list using a combination of properties ALWAYS creates a new list member even if the same import file is used. i.e. Anaplan does not recognise when a duplicate combination of properties has already been imported if that duplicate combination was imported on a different occasion. This results in a layering of duplicate data when imports are run on a regular basis

2. The reason someone may choose to import on a combination of properties is when the source data does not have a unique code. The fact that, following the creation of a list based on a combination of properties, you can not then import data into a module using the (exact same) file that was used to create the list is very frustrating. Anaplan should recognise that this combination was used already and therefore allow data to be imported against it.



1. Anaplan should give the option to generate a code against a unique combination of properties that can be recognised in the future should that same combination of properties appear again. This will stop anaplan from layering duplicated combinations when an import is run multiple times.

2. By generating a code based on a combination of properties (e.g. the numbered list # that was given to the combination) you could then import against a module where that combination is recognised.


It may be that i have missed the point with the "combination of properties" functionality, but I am yet to find a use case where a significant work around isn't required.

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  • Miran
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  • When the source unique key is a combination of source columns, you have to resort to using combination of properties to import into list and doing so you forfeit the ability to load data into a module directly.

    I would welcome the ability to map multiple source columns to identify list items.

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