'Used in Dashboards' and 'Used in Action/Import' for SAVED VIEWS


When performing model clean-up's OR revising actions / New UX dashboards, it would REALLY helpful to have a view within the model settings area to review the full list of SAVED views along with the following key information;

  • 'Used in Dashboards'
  • 'Used in Actions/Processes'
  • 'Used in New UX Dashboards'


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  • Great idea!

  • Miran
    Status changed to: In Review
  • I'm sure there's one in here too about showing where line-items are used as filters.

    Maybe it should be all wrapped up together?

  • Good shout @andrewtye. These are all must have IMHO

  • Yes! 


    Then in one package also when line item is used as a Read/Write driver for Dynamic Cell Access.

  • wquan

    Can we also add 'Used in Export Action' as well? Biggest pet peeve right now when doing integrations out of Anaplan is not knowing which saved view is associated to the export action!

  • It would be awesome to see if saved views are referenced in a model to model import action in other models as well!

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Indeed a very good idea. 


    Also, the below idea summarizes all the bases that can improve the "Reference to":

    Maybe these ideas can be merged. 




  • Hoping this gains traction as it would help manage models much more efficiently!

  • JLD

    This would be very useful for optimization and model management especially the export/import reference by other models.

  • I would welcome this to be included at the same level as line items and lists security to prevent any issue upon deleting or altering saved views that are already in use to prevent side effects.

    With multiple model builder working at the same time on the same models, an additional integrity control layer would be most needed

  • Has there been any traction on this? It seems so messy to deliver a model with tons of unused saved views but everyone on the team is scared to delete them.

  • We really hope this updates.😍

    It's extremely hard to search "Whether lineitem is used as filter or not"


    Thank you

  • Is there any change ongoing there ?

  • Great idea!!

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