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It would be useful to be able to export the Actions contained in a Process. Currently the only way to extract them is to highlight them all copy and paste into Excel. Add a column numbering 1 to x and then sort on the action name to get rid of the "Remove" labels and then re-sort back on the key to get the Actions in the correct order. Why do I need to export?...because I want to compare 2 different processes in terms of what actions they contain.

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  • Hi Nick,


    You can export all actions, then in Excel just filter based on "Used in Process" column. The only problem is, this way you don't know in which order they are.

  • Miran
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  • Hi thanks for the suggestion re exporting all the actions however as you quite rightly suggest it does not tell me the order which is also important when doing comparisons in my particular situation.

  • Hey Nick, I'll support yours if you support mine 🙂


    Mine:  Working with Processes and Actions


    Completely agree Nick.  Think this whole area needs to be overhauled now we are working with Data Hubs and supplying spoke models with similar but not completely identical Processes

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