Saved View Categorization and Priority Sorting, Including both Auto and Manual Options


Saved Views are a critical feature for most Anaplan models.

The key issue I have with using and managing Saved Views is that, they can vary drastically in terms of importance.  Below are two examples of Saved Views:

  • A Saved View could represent a key, filtered definition within a module that dictates how your entire organizational hierarchy is built
  • A Saved View could also be a quick personal summary that "Bob" from Accounting built, simply because he wanted to see his columns at 50 pixel width

I truly wish Anaplan had more options around tagging and organizing Saved Views, to indicate their relative importance.  Right now, we use a simple system of "starring" saved views to tag them, in an attempt to indicate their usage and importance.



Ask 1:

Make saved views more prominent in general, more easily accessible, and easier to manage and organize.  Functional Areas and the New UX definitely do a better job of making Saved Views more prominent, but I feel it can go further with:

- Sorting Options (I know you can move them up and down, I just wish the interface was a little smoother)

- Usage Details

- Priority Segmentation


Auto-Tag 3.png


Ask 2:

Auto-tag options for saved views based on their usage - If I link a saved view to an action/process - please note it automatically.  That way, I know not to delete it and also know to check it very carefully if I ever need to change its definition.



Ask 3:

Give us a way to manually tag saved views, to indicate its importance.  In theory, an Anaplan export "leaves" the Anaplan ecosystem, but there could still be critical processes built on top of that definition that just happen to sit outside the Anaplan platform.  (ie a Tableau Viz that expects the Export to look a particular way) 

Auto-Tag 2.png

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