Lucky You…The Anaplan Live! March 2020 Event is Now Available


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You’re in luck! All Community members now have access to all of the great presentations and thought leadership shared in the March 2020 Anaplan Live! event, including:

  • The full live-streamed videos from both days of the event.
  • Individual video segments.
  • Discussions around each segment.

How Did It Go?

The March 2020 event was a smashing success! Take a look at some of the highlights below:

  • The event received 815 registrations from Anaplan customers, partners, and employees.
  • At peak viewership, the livestream attained nearly 300 live, engaged attendees with a steady average of 200+.
  • The event featured eight unique video segments, including a live Ask Me Anything session.
    The eight segments that premiered at the March 2020 event.The eight segments that premiered at the March 2020 event.
  • 20+ comments and replies were posted among the forums.
  • There was engaging live chat among the attendees on both days.

What Did I Miss?

Remember, registering for Anaplan Live! events guarantees you exclusive access to the premiere of brand new video segments, as well as the opportunity to engage with the presenters and guests of each, and your fellow attendees, too.

The March 2020 event featured eight unique segments, including:

Visit the Anaplan Live! March 2020 event page now!


Anaplan Talent Builder

Level up with the Anaplan Talent Builder.Level up with the Anaplan Talent Builder.As an added bonus to all of this great news, we're also debuting the Anaplan Talent Builder section of the Community. Here, you'll take the next steps in your journey to becoming a Certified Model Builder, Solution Architect, or even Certified Master Anaplanner with our focused lists of learning and supplemental must-have resources. Use this page to check in on where you stand within each of these paths and determine what other training you may need to advance yourself to the next level.

Then, stay tuned as we continue to build on the success of the Anaplan Talent Builder section with more features and resources for you in your Anaplan journey.

Visit the Anaplan Talent Builder

That's a Wrap!

That's a wrap for now! But, be sure to visit the Anaplan Community regularly for upcoming announcements about the next Anaplan Live! event.

What did you think about the event? Would you register/re-register for the next event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  • Great session @KayneSchwarz! Flawless execution.

    So much content packed in the 3 hours over two days.

    Just the energy and passion alone would have been enough.

    But then we got YY to answer our questions. And that would have been enough.

    And then @pierre_kerkinni and @zackfennessy had their duel. I couldn't stop laughing. And, I thought to myself, that would have been enough.

    And then we learned from @ChrisMullen a simple way to implement the New UX. I felt empowered. And that would have been enough.

    And then we had 5 other guests share their experiences. That's what I call over-delivering!


    Thank you!! Great event and seriously, whoever was the technical lead behind this event should be recognized. Amazing work!