Excel Add-in to highlight header mismatch if user changes it by mistake


Once we import a view in excel using excel add-in and let's say there are 4 rows in the view





Keeping the order same, if the user renames City-A to City-ABC by mistake and then tries to push data to Anaplan then instead of showing no changes, Anaplan should show header mismatch.

This can further be expanded to show exact mismatch against the row or column header value

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  • Great idea!

    I believe your second point will be addressed in the next release with the list drop-down data validation, see our release post here. Therefore I encourage you to test this new version once it is released and tell me if it solves the issue.


    The first point is still valid though, we will need Community Support.


    Thank you for your contribution!


  • Miran
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