Data Quality/Integrity Checks within Connected Planning Environment


Hi All, 


In thinking and implemented a Connected Planning environment, where we have specific models for specific areas our finance team that are brought together.


We currently have a number shared hierarchies (across cost/profit centre, GL), shared data (TB, Subledger etc) and currently handled via the data hub as the 'source of truth' within the Anaplan environment, and generally perform manual reconciliations from model to model.


However in thinking of scalability, has Anaplan thought about the ability to:

1. Have a link between modules between system that are known to share the same information from data hub to spoke models

2. Similar link between lists from data hub to spoke models

3. Provide the ability for automated integrity checks (i.e. the data hub has x cost centres but y in the spoke, or a particular GL in a particular month have different actuals)


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