Add Few More Features on Manage Models Screen


We have got more than 500 models in our training workspace which is 130 GB. It is quite difficult to keep a track of all those huge models when it comes to workspace cleansing and even more difficult to access someone's own model or accessing any model and making that as a favorite. Hence proposing an idea to


1. Have one feature  which will sort the models in increasing or decreasing size of models on Manage Models screen

2. Have another feature which will help a model builder to save any model as Favorites on Manage Model screen

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  • Miran
    Status changed to: New
  • Would be great also if this sorting could be applied to "Manage Models" and not just by size, but A-Z too.

    And of course you'll know that Favourite models can be selected via Homepage / Model page - now if only the same could be done for Apps & Pages.

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