Remove Line Item Mapping when Item is Removed from Import Data Source

Within the Line Items tab of the import dialogue, please can line item sources be removed when these are removed from the import data source.

Take the below as an example:

Line Items.png

If I were to remove Revenue from the import data source, the Revenue line item source would still appear on the left to be mapped to a line item target.

This is OK when you are importing using a small number of line item sources. However, if you have many line items to map, it can get really messy when you have to do the mapping, as you cannot tell which line items still exist within the source.

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  • I agree with this idea. 


    If removal cannot be done automatically, it will be great if there is an additional button to remove the items from the mapping manually instead of marking them as ignored.  Our only option at the moment is to rebuild the action.

  • CandaceCranney
    edited February 11

    Is there a plan to resolve this issue? Still showing deleted LIs in the Action source makes it difficult to audit the action. It would also be beneficial if renamed LIs were also renamed in the action source instead of appearing as new LIs that then need to be mapped creating room for errors when making changes.

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