Hide model map button


Hi all, 


I've just noticed a new idea posted here asking for the model map button to be hidden/moved. Hopefully creating this forum post allow increased visibility for a workaround that works very well (while a long term solution might be delivered in the future).


There is a nice browser add-in called A+ for Anaplan developed by BIPIX Consulting (thanks for your contribution Benjamin!) that allow to do exactly that.


Here you can find the details and download the add-in for Chrome. Bear in mind this is an un-official add-in but it's been working absolutely fine for years!


You can enable/disable the add-in at a click of a button : as you can see from the below image, the model map button is gone so no more un-required "ooops!" moments....at least for that one! 




It also offers a series of other nice features worth looking at. Take a few seconds to go through the Add-In overview. My favorite one is the Syntax Highlighter, something every model builder will find helpful 🙂  Example below :



Thanks !





  • @Alessio_Pagliano 

    Agree A+ is amazing. Be aware that a lot of the features of A+ are in the Anaplan roadmap.

    The one thing that has kept me from downloading A+ is related to security since I work with client's data all the time. I just can't take that chance.

    By the way, I love the IF statement. Hilarious!! 😂