where can I find export defination after exporting?


since "When you save the export definition, the sort criteria, filter, and rows/columns that have been shown or hidden are saved with the export."

If saved the export definition, where can I find these filter, row/columns, shown/hidden information later?

(I have several saved exports and some of them are not from saved view. Now I want to export the export definition.)

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    HI @CeciliaRen ,


    if the export is from the saved view then you can view/analyze the export definition in the saved view, incase if you did create the export from the module directly in that case we cannot identify the export definition.


    It is best practice to create an export from the saved view always.



    Vignesh M

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    hi @CeciliaRen ,


    Yes, we don't have detailed information about the export from which saved view the export is created, only we can see from which module the export is taken.

    Though we create the export from the saved view, the action tab will show the source as the module name, not the saved view name.

    Whenever the export is created, add the export source view information in the Note section for the future ref. 

    I think you need to connect with the developer to get more information about the exports.


    ~Vignesh M




  • Dear Vignesh,


    Thank you for a quick answer.


    There is no details log about export (Action menu, source detail, target detail, etc.) like import.

    I cant find the exports are processed by other people from a module or a saved view quickly.

    And by looking up the content, unfortunately I found that most of current exports are processed from module directly...

    So there is only way to ask the person who did it?


    Best regards,