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Please can either model builders or end users have the option to toggle the summary method used on lists where it is possible to view the total of visible items only.

For example, consider a list Countries in a module with one line item, RevenueCountries contains USAUKFrance, and Germany. To make things simple, each country has Revenue of 25.

In this module, users can view the revenue from all countries. The default value for All Countries is 100, simple.

P&L All.png

Let's say however, that a user only wants to see the data for UKFrance, and Germany. This user right-click and Shows only these countries. Please can there be an option added such that All Countries equals 75 (and not 100).

P&L Selection.png

There will need to be a visual cue that the total is being based on the selection rather than all list items.

Personally, I feel that this behaviour should be the default behaviour. Especially when considering how totals work in Excel tables. I believe that users would expect the total value to only include visible items.

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  • Miran
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  • Another vote for this functionality.

  • This a very critical requirement from many business users as they analyze based on different criteria and look at summaries filtering the grids based on this criteria.

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