Ability to reorder multiple list items or reorder a list by its code numerically or alphabetically

Some of the master data lists within our model is based on numerical codes. New list items get added to the list at the bottom and we would have to manually reorder it to the top using the 'Move...' functionality. Using this, we are only able to reorder one list item at a time, which can take a significant amount of time if we have to reorder multiple items. 


Is it possible to improve the 'Move...' functionality, so that instead of changing one list item's position before or after another list item, we edit multiple items at a time similar to the 'Select Items to Show'. Or is it possible to add another functionality for General Lists that lets us sort the list by its code numerically or alphabetically? This is so that the default list when building modules is already sorted in the correct order, rather than us having to add a line item with the code to sort the module.

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