Selective Import


In Anaplan we have. 

Now we want to maintain monthly data appending.

This works fine.

Next I find the old actual data for some records was incorrectly entered.

I update it in the Hub but it doesn't get reflected in automatic process, as it takes the old values.

I don't want to select the other option as my old data might get deleted.


Please suggest friends, what will be my approach in this.




  • prabhu

    Hi @Sravan_Kumar,


    Whatever the option is selected only the updated value should get reflected in spoke model.


    Clear Target prior to import  : Will clear the target value before import and updates all mapped source Line item.


    Only Update imported CellsThe import process will only update any existing target item values for which there are matching source item values that are mapped in.



    Read this article for detailed Explanation :


    If you are not getting updated values in spoke model,

    1. Check whether the import action and its mapping are correct?

    2. If you have created any saved views in data hub for incremental loading purpose, check whether the updated cell value sit in the saved view?



  • Yes @prabhu.

    It got updated, my server was slow.