Hierachy Import


I have lists with 6 levels of hierarchy.

I want to pull data for level 3 from the highlighted module.

Is it possible not by using parent function but by simple import to pull the data.

What I was thinking, I pull the data for L1 and then use parent and item function.

In that case, friends suggest me, what will be the formula for it.

Please don't hesitate to ask me, if you find any difficulty in understanding.







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    Hi @Sravan_Kumar,


    Use parent function, this is the best way to achieve the result instead of doing the import.


    Parent L3 List = PARENT(PARENT(ITEM('List')))

    Parent Value = Gross[lookup:Parent L3 List]


    Do you have a particular reason for not using parent function? Let us know will find another option to get this result.



    Vignesh M



  • prabhu
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    Hi @Sravan_Kumar ,


    I have some doubts, 

    1.You want to get L3 G data = 103 and L3 item values...

    2.without using parent function, you are looking for some other way.

    3. I am assuming that, the screen shot which u have provided should be the source model, what is your target model and what are all the dimensions in your target model..?



  • wquan
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    Hi Sravan,


    A couple of questions:

    1. Are you using a composite list to define each level of the hierarchy? - If so, you can use the 'Select Levels to Show' functionality against your list to pull the required L3 List

    2. If you are not using a composite list (i.e. the hierarchy all sits in one list) - try using the following example: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Best-Practices/Calculating-Levels-in-a-Hierarchy-for-Dashboard-Filtering/ta-p/33567 . The final output for them was the line item 'Level (or L4)' which depicts the level in the hierarchy, which you can use to filter the desired level in your hierarchy


  • Thanks @VIGNESH.M @wquan @prabhu for helping with the formula.

    I tried with the parent one and it was imported without error. (Module Tests - Copy - Copy had numbered list).


    Now I have to populate with the values of L3 A, L3 B,... resp.


    Kindly guide me, how is it possible?






  • prabhu

    Hi @Sravan_Kumar,


    You have 2 different module,

                                Source Module has Level 6 as Dimension, in which you need Level 3(L3 A, L3 G, ....) data.

                                Target Module has Different List(K3 A, K3 B, K3 C ....) as Dimension.


    Question to you, is there any relation between two dimension?


    For Eg:

           If the Code for 2 different list are same, a relation exists we can either use formula or import action.



  • Hi @prabhu,

    I created a Filter manually and saved it.

    I exported the saved list (i.e. all L3 levels).

    After that I was trying with Lookup, it didn't work.







  • I have deleted the K Module

  • prabhu

    @Sravan_Kumar - It seems you have changed a dimension in target module.


    Assuming Mod List New as Target Module which has Level 3 as Dimension.


    Your formula is correct, but replace Lookup with SUM[Module tests-copy-copy.prodt list].

  • I am sorry @prabhu.

    It didn't work with SUM either.

    I even created Time Period as Line formatted, it failed too.


    Can you please help.






  • prabhu

    @Sravan_Kumar - 


    Scenario 1:


    In your Source Module you have Time and Level 6 Dimension.

    In your Target Module You have Time and Level 3 Dimension.


    In This Case you don't want to use lookup or sum, you can simply hard code.

    I am sorry for my previous post, i misunderstood.






    Scenario 2:


    In your Source Module you have Time and Level 6 Dimension.

    In your Target Module You have Level 3 Dimension.


    In this case you can use Time Sum Function.





    Hope this helps.