Allow for “Send” only option in Anaplan excel plugin


Often times data doesn’t organically already exist within Anaplan, and users are either creating that data in excel or pulling that data from their parties using another excel plugin (Bloomberg, CapIQ, ODBC, etc.).  

Currently there is no simple way for them to map their formulas inside their excel sheet to always be pushed into Anaplan without the Anaplan excel plugin overwriting the cell formulas with updated values.


I’m proposing adding a “Send” only option to the plugin that doesn’t perform the refresh in the excel file.  This will allow users to map the Anaplan values to formulas they create in their excel file with the knowledge that the value they see in their excel file will always be published to Anaplan.  This will allow end users to effectively interact with external data sources and leverage the power of the excel plugin to promote the third party data to Anaplan.

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