False Boolean Action


Hi Team,


I have a Override Boolean line item in 1 of my Selective Access modules that I would like to create an Action for to set all the items to FALSE. This would be done when the Selective Access admin tasks are being executed and we wish to start with a clean slate


I know that I can go into the module, set the Formula to FALSE and then delete the formula but this is 3 steps rather than a click of a butoon


Is there anyway to achieve this? 






  • Mark-

    I am not sure that I completely understand the scenario that you are describing, but would it be as simple as having a second line (Override Reset) formatted as a Boolean where the formula is FALSE. Then you could Import from "Override Reset" into "Override Boolean" Line item, and then either include this action on a dashboard or if you have an existing process that you run each time you want to start with a clean slate, then you could just include that action in the process. 


    Alternatively, if this is not a highly dimensionalized module then you could just click on the line item header (to highlight the entire row or column) and click the space bar to check or uncheck all of the cells in that view. (This will only change the cells that are currently visible, so if there are multiple dimensions and pages then you would either need to pivot the view or do this on for each page.)


    I hope this Helps!

  • Hi @MarkTurkenburg 


    There is three way to clear Boolean line item

    1.  Create a line item "Clear Boolean" with format as " No Data" and save the view with only two line item "Override and Clear Boolean" then create an action and mapping should be Clear Boolean->Override. better Keep this action in a process. 

    One time efforts and your new line item will also not consume any space as format is no data.


    2. Second fast way to do that select the column/row  of override line item and just press " Space-bar" it will clear out the data.


    3. You already mentioned write a formula as false or delete them again. I would suggest to go with first approach.



    Hope this helps!



  • Thanks @jasonblinn  - of course the Override Boolean line item using it as an Import would work perfectly. I should of thought of that





  • Thanks @Akhtar.shahbaz  - that works well



  • @Akhtar.shahbaz 


    Good call on the No Data Format!