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Hi Team,


I'm wanting to filter a list dependent on which USER is viewing the module but I do not want to include USER as a dimension in the module


I have a Filter Module which has the Department List, USER list and a Boolean line item to indicate which Users I wish to have view access/filter access to Departments 


The module which contains the Department List but not the USER list. It is filtered on the Filter Module.Line Item but this is filtering out all items


Is there a way to reference the current user without using the USER Dimension?


Many thanks



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  • andrewtye
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    Hi @MarkTurkenburg 


    Either i'm misunderstood but I think you're nearly there - yes you could use selective access but you're basically after is DCA but using the native user list, not a fake user list.

    So i've done the modules that you've explained in the attachment plus what the filter needs to look like to make it work... the module with the line item/time in it doesn't have user at all.






    You can also put this into the DCA settings which would clearly blank out the information without removing them entirely.


    BTW... you did remember to select something on the filter module didn't you?




  • @MarkTurkenburg 

    Best thought I have for this condition is to create a system module that uses the "user" as a dimension and contains all of your properties, including a line item that is list formatted to the list that you'll need to use for the valid users in your dependent drop down.

    The system module can be converted to a calculation module if you want, so you can effectively map the user list to your user-defined list.

    Let me know if you'd like an example - happy to try to build that - but one way or the other, it seems to me you're going to need a 1:1 match between the current user and the user-defined list you're working with (by department).



  • Thanks @JaredDolich  for the quick reply


    In this example I want the USER to be able to view multiple items on the Department list so not sure the USER list with Department List as a line item will achieve this, as this would only allow for 1 item to be mapped through


    Effectively I'm trying to recreate Selective Access with out activating Selective Access but it may just be a lot simpler to use it





  • @MarkTurkenburg 

    Is selective access a practical solution?

    It does seem the easiest way.

    I feel this is a common question though. I know I've had to deal with this on numerous projects.

    Let me know. Happy to work out a solution with you if you want.

  • @JaredDolich


    Yes I can use Selective Access, just a bit of a brain exercise to determine if I could get the result I wanted without it but it seems a little too difficult


    Thanks for your help!



  • Thanks @andrewtye!


    Yes that does work as I initially thought it might, I have no idea what I was doing the other day to result in a fail test but it's working now as expected (you do not require the USER dimension in the current module to filter it by USER)



  • Awesome. Glad that it confirmed what you were doing should've worked.

    Maybe not working on a Sunday is the way forward??

  • Haha - unfortunately it was Monday for me, i'm based in Melbourne