Anaplan Connect for Single Sign On


Through Anaplan Connect we can automate the process for import and other actions by running batch files but what in case of Single Sign On feature in which we don't have User ID and Password of users so what to mention as identity in batch file.

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  • @PratyakshDua01,


    You can use a verified certificate for authentication purposes.

    Check this link for more details:






  • Thanks for the information  but that functionality has been expired so how can we generate Certificate Authority Certificates because that's the alternative way for the same .

                 Thanking you in anticipation.




  • @PratyakshDua01 

    This is correct. Anaplan no longer generates Certs for customer...This feature was decomm'd on December 2019 I believe. You must know procure our down Cert.


    See my reply on your other thread on how to get a Cert. 

  • @PratyakshDua01 


    There is a small cost to having a certificate generated (the quote we received was $500).  If that is prohibitive, there is also the option to create an exception user within your workspace.  We did this by creating a generic email account and then unselecting the Single Sign On Boolean when we setup the user in Anaplan.


    Certificate authentication is the preferred method but wanted to provide a possible alternative to user basic authentication. 

  • Thanks for the information .





  • Yes, I thought so too! Unfortunately due to contracting relationships we are limited to the vendors we can use. The quote given came from our internal IT department based on our required vendor. Glad to hear there are other lower cost options available!
  • Got it..agreed that you can't just use any vendor...The vendor must be approved so choices can be limited.


    CA Cert Procurement and Management is a pain point  even though its the most secure


    Good new is that Anaplan is working on OAuth which will be a lot simpler.