Workspace access



I am starting my Level 1 model building self-service training. I do not know process to request workspace access through my company: anaplan administrator details are not known or available.

Where can I find the right point of contacts?


  • Hello @balafbi 

    That seems like an internal process.

    Do you know any internal Anaplan model builder or Anaplan tram in your company? They might be able to help.

  • Unfortunately not. I don't know any teams with in company to my knowledge.

    My company is a partner. 

  • Nivetha



    For any access-related queries, You may reach out to Anaplan Support( They may help you with the required access. 



    Nivetha K   


  • Hi,


    do you know any person in your organization having anaplan admin access, any user having admin access can add you to the organization wspace and then you can proceed with the training

  • Hi @balafbi ,


    You need to look for tenant administrator in your organization who can add you into the Anaplan workspace if your organization has Anaplan license.